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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yea!! for open spaces!

Yea! We sold our chairs tonight! Now we just have the couch to go!!! Our plan was to ditch the chairs (for a large amount of money) and just have a couch. Our home was WAY to small for all that furniture.

Next we want to replace the Tan Leather couch with a comfy fabric BRAN-SPANKIN-NEW sofa! I cant wait until Dan and I can make a "we" purchase for "our" furniture together. Yea! Married life is so much fun!!

Here is the major improvement to our space issue that we were having:

You will have to excuse our vacuum and mess on the table. It is very late at night and I have no desire to clean it. Im just glad that the obstruction of 2 huge chairs is gone from the center of our room! Yea!! for open spaces!