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Monday, July 21, 2008

homemade cards

So Its been a while since my scrap booking stuff has been put to good use. Well I started making cards and making cute gift wrap on presents instead. Scrap booking is just to time consuming and costly!!!

Well I'm trying to find some junk for Lindsey (my sister) to Craig's list for me.... Well Naturally instead of getting rid of all my junk- I have all these new found "treasures" that I just absolutely can not part with!! (LOL)

Card making and Gift wrap is a great hobbie for me too. They all consist of quick to fairly quick projects and each one gets to be completely different. I also need to have something for me to do in the evenings while Dan is "at school" (aka on the computer studying); so these "mini" projects are perfect to squeeze in after work and before dinner! I'm very glad i got carried away with all this - so much so that i booted the futon out the door and set up a whole craft center (or well, at least a Card making/ gift wrapping center).

Here are some of my latest designs. I'm very proud of them!! [so much so, I almost don't want to give them away!! :) But i will, I love to hear people gush over me!]

New Pictures of the "Newly Weds"!

Our First Year ..... its almost over.... :( BUT there is so much more to come!! (If you want to see pictures from a year ago our wedding is post #2) SO here they are; some "one year" pictures that we took this past Sunday just fooling around. Enjoy!

And, Here we are at the Temple! We had such a great day that day! I packed us a lunch since we were a little bit more than tight on money; we stopped and had a picnic on the way home. It was a great way to spend the day!

Also, just for my own curiosity and satisfaction... Post a comment and tell me what you liked best!
Blonde Merideth VS Brunette Merideth

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bed Bath & Beyond

So Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are a hot commodity in my life. It seams like every where I go there are people wanting them or asking if I have them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bed Bath & Beyond; and so I collect all the coupons I can get my hands on. Well this is what makes today so special....! I went to throw something away in my apartment mail center's trash can and what do you know...???.... I went dumpster diving and found 23 20%OFF Coupons and 28 spent $30 get $10OFF coupons!

WOWAH! Can you believe it!??!! Im so happy! I never have to pay full price ever again! Now here's the ketch; BBB takes expired coupons, so that's not a problem - its just they only take 5 with each purchase. So, I stand in line and purchase things 5 at a time!

Ha! Man... the things I'll do for 20%OFF, Its crazy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Penny Update

Ok so she made it through... However she does have pneumonia. Shes on antibiotics for 7 days; so they say she'll be just fine!

Here are the After pics (since the before's didn't make it)

Poor Penny! Why do these kind of things have to happen when Im pig sitting?!!?!??

Ok so this is pretty disgusting; but here it goes!

My parents went out of town and so Dan and I were going over to look after Penny , the guinny pig. Well everything was going ok until today. I pick up penny and put her in her little bed thing that she plays in and set her on the floor; i went out to check the mail and do a few things and go to pick her up again. Well to my horrifying amazement, my eyes focus on her right eye... its not moving -my eyes do that cross focus thing and then, Bulah-bulah-Im trying to contain my stomach contents from actually coming out of my throat; and I scream for Dan.

Poor Penny's eye was egged shaped and bulging out of her head. Her eye looked like it had popped inside itself, meanwhile it was streaming puss, blood, -- something down her face. (I took pictures on my cell phone, but fortunately for your sake they did not get saved)

Anyways. I call Mom. She has Dan and I take Penny up to the vet. We call with the prognosis: "Dad", I said. "The eye has to come out; and penny will live another 10 years- shes young for a guinny pig. OR she can take her chances and may or may not live, the eye should fall out on its own in 3 months or so. OR its 31.50 to put her down." Just as Dad answers with "humm, 31.50 sounds good" you hear this screech of terror in the background; - one similar to a mother who has just horrifically lost her child in a tragic accident. I hang up.

Dad calls me back after they have pulled off the road from traveling home, Mom is in the back consoling her poor 7 year old child. "Oh ok he says, if they can pull the eye for a hundred dollars; Ill keep the pig". Now the vet is very kind and is overly humane for animals - it is obvious that his primary concern is to save gods creatures - and he agrees to do the eye removal for a hundred dollars. He says he is going to use this as an opportunity to teach his vet student a thing or two.

As we were leaving all our info for the front desk the receptionists says, "Well you can tell your little sister that she can re-name Penny, "Winkie" " Oh my gosh! Dan and I were laughing so tears came to our eyes!

So now we wait...... They say that because she is so tiny there is a possibility that Penny wont make it off the operating room table. They also tell us that there is a possibility of blindness in her 'good' eye because of swelling and infection; but not to worry because she doesn't have to go far to get food or to use the bathroom -being that she lives in a cage.

Poor Penny! Why do these kind of things have to happen to me when were pig sitting?!!?!??

Sunday, July 6, 2008

21 days and counting

So here it is; we have reached July. its about as hot as i think it could possibly get (knowing that it is going to just get even hotter) and just as we think things are starting to look up for us... we get a flat tire. UN-Lucky for Dan it is the hottest part of the day. on Sunday. in July.

Now, i know that this is not a huge problem, things of this nature are fairly normal and we all expect them sooner or later. I guess for us- today- it was sooner. Being that we are about to wrap up our first year of marriage; quote " the hardest year", I find myself looking forward to year number two! I'm excited that in just 21 days the "hardest year" will be just behind us hopefully along with the financial difficulties, stress, and the flat tire.

I'm naturally inclined to be freaking out right about now -having a flat tire was all but anything that we were hoping for- but I'm not. For some reason I'm smiling happily. I am in good spirits; you see to me, this flat tire is just the last hurtle that Satan can throw our way. Dan and I know that we have each other and we have the lord. I have to chuckle to myself and say, "Golly Satan, this is not enough to get me down!".

So there it is... 21 days and we will have faithfully succeeded to our first year. As for right now, nothing can get in my way of being happy!