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Monday, July 21, 2008

homemade cards

So Its been a while since my scrap booking stuff has been put to good use. Well I started making cards and making cute gift wrap on presents instead. Scrap booking is just to time consuming and costly!!!

Well I'm trying to find some junk for Lindsey (my sister) to Craig's list for me.... Well Naturally instead of getting rid of all my junk- I have all these new found "treasures" that I just absolutely can not part with!! (LOL)

Card making and Gift wrap is a great hobbie for me too. They all consist of quick to fairly quick projects and each one gets to be completely different. I also need to have something for me to do in the evenings while Dan is "at school" (aka on the computer studying); so these "mini" projects are perfect to squeeze in after work and before dinner! I'm very glad i got carried away with all this - so much so that i booted the futon out the door and set up a whole craft center (or well, at least a Card making/ gift wrapping center).

Here are some of my latest designs. I'm very proud of them!! [so much so, I almost don't want to give them away!! :) But i will, I love to hear people gush over me!]