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Thursday, September 23, 2010

luxating patella

I wish i had never learned what those words mean.

About 5 weeks ago Judge hurt his knee. It wan on the right track to getting better but then it halted.... I had taken him to the vet clinic for initial review but Judges regular doctor was not in; soon to find out that he doesn't work there any longer- great. Well they pretty much say that he has some kind of injury and to watch it for a while. .......... this leads us to today.

I googled stalked Judges Vet and found him at Hometown Animal clinic in Pflugerville on 685, Dr Matt Hamby. AMAZING doctor!

He went in this morning for sedation, torture, and X-Rays. It came back as a Luxating Patella. AKA the knee cap has become dislocated and needs to be reattached through SURGERY.

to be continued....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving on to new things...

I am getting nervous and excited at the same time... we have so much going on right now! here are a few:
*Dan is transferring to a new store with a *pay raise* Yea!!!
*We are packing to move... for a short time we will be at Dan's parents and then we will....
*Our puppy Judge is Turning one :)
*And we just bought Dan a new, NEW car!!

In addition to all this i decided to make the living room sewing central... so its a HUGE MESS!

we are very excited for the new things to come. We have been wanting a change in life for a while.... so here are a bunch of them! (*with a little hope* maybe my next post ill add a baby to the list...)

I will try and post some pictures soon!
Life is crazy right now, but i want to have a Birthday Party for Judge... so Ill post about that in a few weeks.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

We are alive!

I promise I will be better about posting!!

I know it has been forever!

Hopefully I will have something important to say soon!!

OH, Judge swam! Thats the only exciting news i guess so far; We are going to the lake today! Ill try to not forget my camera!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

here are some pictures...

I would like to thank my mom for letting me use her sewing machine while mine is in the shop!! Also thank my sisters & mom for the furniture donations. The only thing i have purchased is the cradle and the fabric.

dont mind the mess... :)

Old crib was the blond color. The rocker was a similar color. All the furniture that will be (one day not soon) baby furniture is all going to be this Antique White. I have a small bookshelf and a end table to paint still.

They are white because i am waiting for a "set" to paint after they are primed.

from Grandma to Allison to Lindsey to me ... to baby...

My mom gave this to me. It was a dirty old ugly white thing on its way to goodwill.... I added the fabric.

Drug this cradle home from a resale store for 40 dollars. It was a pink-ish-blonde. PUKE! I painted it to match the rocking chair since the rocker is in the living room and this would not be in the imaginary nursery anyways.

The crib sheet fabrics. The crib sheets are cotton. The cradle sheets (not shown/ not made) are flannel. Since you are no longer advised to use a bumper pad any longer and the quilt that comes with is is useless, i have decided to not waste my money. Ill be making each sheet for about 5-8 dollars and with all the scraps (in about a year lol) ill be using them to make a matching quilt.

Old ugly chair... (already painted)

New chair... At this point i have not sewn the bottom cushion. Ill update the picture as soon as i charge up my camera again!! and ill add a picture of the finished stool next to it.

Stool is still drying from the last coat of paint. Here is the top though. I replaced the foam too.

I also added Ties - it didnt have them before

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy busy little beaver

I have been so busy!!! Self proclaimed busy- not necessarily anything i have to do. I decided a while ago that before i get pregnant [again] I want to have the crib, dresser, changing table, and this basket shelve thing i have all to match. SO.. I have been working on that! At first i did not love any of it really. It was all just necessities that i picked up before i miscarried. WELL... Now, I am in love! I love my baby furniture!!! It all matches (well its almost all done- here and there things), and each piece i finish i take so much pride!

If you start wondering and thinking "why is she doing all this baby stuff" NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! LOL. I just had some big painting projects to get done, and it didnt look DONE to me until I finished with all the sewing to go with it.

(pictures to come-- sorry no before shots; I didnt take any because it looked like crap-- well duh!! I wish NOW i had before and afters!! oh well, maybe next time)

What I have done:
*basket shelve thing- painted, fixed and lined the baskets.
*Made 3 basket linings with no pattern
*Dresser, primed and painted
*1/3 Baby crib. Sanded, twice primed, twice painted
*Broke down ugly glider rocking chair- painted 2 coats.
*broke down and painted "thrift store vintage" bassinet/ Swinging cradle.

Projects purchased and waiting...
*Cushions for glider rocker
*Paint glider foot stool (because i forgot it had one)
*FINISH CRIB! Big project, Dan is a saint and is helping!!
*have fabric for baby crib sheets. 7 of them.
*make and sew Cradle pad & sheets.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheers to Running again!

I am going to look like this again!

I am so excited to say that I am running again! I love the feeling of a good workout. Im obviously not where i want to be in terms of size and fitness level; but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

I am happier now than i have been in a long time. Dan and i are more in love than i think we have ever been! I have so much to be thankful for! Our families are so supportive of us.. we are truly a blessed couple.

I dont know when ill look like my old self again. Im not publishing any goals (yet). I am not avoiding the possibly of a pregnancy (but im not hard core trying either)- SO... Maybe in 4 months... maybe in 9 months plus 4 months... i don't know. What i do know is it sure feels good to hit the gym a-g-a-i-n!

Before baby Judge (heh our second dog) came into our lives I had resumed the roll of EXERCISE! In about 4months lost about 35 lbs. and won eighty dollars in my at work challenge. Of course in the last 6 months about 11 of that came back on.... currently -ideally- i do want to resume back to this picture from February 07; BUT im setting no time goals. Just and ONLY gym goals. I will keep you posted on how i am doing!

Last time, and the time before, and before, even back when i lived with Kylene, I just hit the ground running. THIS TIME THOUGH: I have decided to follow the 5K running schedule that I did back in high school. So far (week one) has been easy and great! Im keeping my head up and positive thinking to the future!

Back to Dan & I. ...
I think its amazing how everything falls into place in life. last night Dan and i laid with our heads on our pillows looking at each other, sweetly, softly talking to each other until 3am!!!!! Oh how good that feels!!!!! I Know that no matter what happens. No matter what (or when) size i am, that i am blessed and have one hundred million reasons to be happy! I have everything i need in Dan, and that's enough for me!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally a finish to the "Judge story" !!

Well, not to make it 100% anti-climatic or anything... but what happened is:

After we confronted Brandon about needing to pay half the money they went into (what seemed like) hiding!!! They completely avoided us. ....

.... THEN...... My mom had to go to my house to pick up something for me for work ... & low and behold THEY ARE MOVING OUT!!!!!!!!!! I called the office and she said "What? they are breaking there lease!". I dont think they "ran" because of us; but this was on the 8th and Rent was probably w-a-y past due... Maybe they had to run before being evicted??

I dont know... I just know, One day, happy old neighbors. Then the dog bite and out of no where in about 3 hours they were gone.

The end. Judge is fine. The money is long paid and forgotten. :) to better times!