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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Busy busy little beaver

I have been so busy!!! Self proclaimed busy- not necessarily anything i have to do. I decided a while ago that before i get pregnant [again] I want to have the crib, dresser, changing table, and this basket shelve thing i have all to match. SO.. I have been working on that! At first i did not love any of it really. It was all just necessities that i picked up before i miscarried. WELL... Now, I am in love! I love my baby furniture!!! It all matches (well its almost all done- here and there things), and each piece i finish i take so much pride!

If you start wondering and thinking "why is she doing all this baby stuff" NO I AM NOT PREGNANT!! LOL. I just had some big painting projects to get done, and it didnt look DONE to me until I finished with all the sewing to go with it.

(pictures to come-- sorry no before shots; I didnt take any because it looked like crap-- well duh!! I wish NOW i had before and afters!! oh well, maybe next time)

What I have done:
*basket shelve thing- painted, fixed and lined the baskets.
*Made 3 basket linings with no pattern
*Dresser, primed and painted
*1/3 Baby crib. Sanded, twice primed, twice painted
*Broke down ugly glider rocking chair- painted 2 coats.
*broke down and painted "thrift store vintage" bassinet/ Swinging cradle.

Projects purchased and waiting...
*Cushions for glider rocker
*Paint glider foot stool (because i forgot it had one)
*FINISH CRIB! Big project, Dan is a saint and is helping!!
*have fabric for baby crib sheets. 7 of them.
*make and sew Cradle pad & sheets.