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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

here are some pictures...

I would like to thank my mom for letting me use her sewing machine while mine is in the shop!! Also thank my sisters & mom for the furniture donations. The only thing i have purchased is the cradle and the fabric.

dont mind the mess... :)

Old crib was the blond color. The rocker was a similar color. All the furniture that will be (one day not soon) baby furniture is all going to be this Antique White. I have a small bookshelf and a end table to paint still.

They are white because i am waiting for a "set" to paint after they are primed.

from Grandma to Allison to Lindsey to me ... to baby...

My mom gave this to me. It was a dirty old ugly white thing on its way to goodwill.... I added the fabric.

Drug this cradle home from a resale store for 40 dollars. It was a pink-ish-blonde. PUKE! I painted it to match the rocking chair since the rocker is in the living room and this would not be in the imaginary nursery anyways.

The crib sheet fabrics. The crib sheets are cotton. The cradle sheets (not shown/ not made) are flannel. Since you are no longer advised to use a bumper pad any longer and the quilt that comes with is is useless, i have decided to not waste my money. Ill be making each sheet for about 5-8 dollars and with all the scraps (in about a year lol) ill be using them to make a matching quilt.

Old ugly chair... (already painted)

New chair... At this point i have not sewn the bottom cushion. Ill update the picture as soon as i charge up my camera again!! and ill add a picture of the finished stool next to it.

Stool is still drying from the last coat of paint. Here is the top though. I replaced the foam too.

I also added Ties - it didnt have them before