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Monday, March 8, 2010

Cheers to Running again!

I am going to look like this again!

I am so excited to say that I am running again! I love the feeling of a good workout. Im obviously not where i want to be in terms of size and fitness level; but hey, you gotta start somewhere!

I am happier now than i have been in a long time. Dan and i are more in love than i think we have ever been! I have so much to be thankful for! Our families are so supportive of us.. we are truly a blessed couple.

I dont know when ill look like my old self again. Im not publishing any goals (yet). I am not avoiding the possibly of a pregnancy (but im not hard core trying either)- SO... Maybe in 4 months... maybe in 9 months plus 4 months... i don't know. What i do know is it sure feels good to hit the gym a-g-a-i-n!

Before baby Judge (heh our second dog) came into our lives I had resumed the roll of EXERCISE! In about 4months lost about 35 lbs. and won eighty dollars in my at work challenge. Of course in the last 6 months about 11 of that came back on.... currently -ideally- i do want to resume back to this picture from February 07; BUT im setting no time goals. Just and ONLY gym goals. I will keep you posted on how i am doing!

Last time, and the time before, and before, even back when i lived with Kylene, I just hit the ground running. THIS TIME THOUGH: I have decided to follow the 5K running schedule that I did back in high school. So far (week one) has been easy and great! Im keeping my head up and positive thinking to the future!

Back to Dan & I. ...
I think its amazing how everything falls into place in life. last night Dan and i laid with our heads on our pillows looking at each other, sweetly, softly talking to each other until 3am!!!!! Oh how good that feels!!!!! I Know that no matter what happens. No matter what (or when) size i am, that i am blessed and have one hundred million reasons to be happy! I have everything i need in Dan, and that's enough for me!