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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally a finish to the "Judge story" !!

Well, not to make it 100% anti-climatic or anything... but what happened is:

After we confronted Brandon about needing to pay half the money they went into (what seemed like) hiding!!! They completely avoided us. ....

.... THEN...... My mom had to go to my house to pick up something for me for work ... & low and behold THEY ARE MOVING OUT!!!!!!!!!! I called the office and she said "What? they are breaking there lease!". I dont think they "ran" because of us; but this was on the 8th and Rent was probably w-a-y past due... Maybe they had to run before being evicted??

I dont know... I just know, One day, happy old neighbors. Then the dog bite and out of no where in about 3 hours they were gone.

The end. Judge is fine. The money is long paid and forgotten. :) to better times!