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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moving on to new things...

I am getting nervous and excited at the same time... we have so much going on right now! here are a few:
*Dan is transferring to a new store with a *pay raise* Yea!!!
*We are packing to move... for a short time we will be at Dan's parents and then we will....
*Our puppy Judge is Turning one :)
*And we just bought Dan a new, NEW car!!

In addition to all this i decided to make the living room sewing central... so its a HUGE MESS!

we are very excited for the new things to come. We have been wanting a change in life for a while.... so here are a bunch of them! (*with a little hope* maybe my next post ill add a baby to the list...)

I will try and post some pictures soon!
Life is crazy right now, but i want to have a Birthday Party for Judge... so Ill post about that in a few weeks.