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Thursday, September 23, 2010

luxating patella

I wish i had never learned what those words mean.

About 5 weeks ago Judge hurt his knee. It wan on the right track to getting better but then it halted.... I had taken him to the vet clinic for initial review but Judges regular doctor was not in; soon to find out that he doesn't work there any longer- great. Well they pretty much say that he has some kind of injury and to watch it for a while. .......... this leads us to today.

I googled stalked Judges Vet and found him at Hometown Animal clinic in Pflugerville on 685, Dr Matt Hamby. AMAZING doctor!

He went in this morning for sedation, torture, and X-Rays. It came back as a Luxating Patella. AKA the knee cap has become dislocated and needs to be reattached through SURGERY.

to be continued....