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Sunday, July 6, 2008

21 days and counting

So here it is; we have reached July. its about as hot as i think it could possibly get (knowing that it is going to just get even hotter) and just as we think things are starting to look up for us... we get a flat tire. UN-Lucky for Dan it is the hottest part of the day. on Sunday. in July.

Now, i know that this is not a huge problem, things of this nature are fairly normal and we all expect them sooner or later. I guess for us- today- it was sooner. Being that we are about to wrap up our first year of marriage; quote " the hardest year", I find myself looking forward to year number two! I'm excited that in just 21 days the "hardest year" will be just behind us hopefully along with the financial difficulties, stress, and the flat tire.

I'm naturally inclined to be freaking out right about now -having a flat tire was all but anything that we were hoping for- but I'm not. For some reason I'm smiling happily. I am in good spirits; you see to me, this flat tire is just the last hurtle that Satan can throw our way. Dan and I know that we have each other and we have the lord. I have to chuckle to myself and say, "Golly Satan, this is not enough to get me down!".

So there it is... 21 days and we will have faithfully succeeded to our first year. As for right now, nothing can get in my way of being happy!