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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bed Bath & Beyond

So Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are a hot commodity in my life. It seams like every where I go there are people wanting them or asking if I have them. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bed Bath & Beyond; and so I collect all the coupons I can get my hands on. Well this is what makes today so special....! I went to throw something away in my apartment mail center's trash can and what do you know...???.... I went dumpster diving and found 23 20%OFF Coupons and 28 spent $30 get $10OFF coupons!

WOWAH! Can you believe it!??!! Im so happy! I never have to pay full price ever again! Now here's the ketch; BBB takes expired coupons, so that's not a problem - its just they only take 5 with each purchase. So, I stand in line and purchase things 5 at a time!

Ha! Man... the things I'll do for 20%OFF, Its crazy!