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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poor Penny! Why do these kind of things have to happen when Im pig sitting?!!?!??

Ok so this is pretty disgusting; but here it goes!

My parents went out of town and so Dan and I were going over to look after Penny , the guinny pig. Well everything was going ok until today. I pick up penny and put her in her little bed thing that she plays in and set her on the floor; i went out to check the mail and do a few things and go to pick her up again. Well to my horrifying amazement, my eyes focus on her right eye... its not moving -my eyes do that cross focus thing and then, Bulah-bulah-Im trying to contain my stomach contents from actually coming out of my throat; and I scream for Dan.

Poor Penny's eye was egged shaped and bulging out of her head. Her eye looked like it had popped inside itself, meanwhile it was streaming puss, blood, -- something down her face. (I took pictures on my cell phone, but fortunately for your sake they did not get saved)

Anyways. I call Mom. She has Dan and I take Penny up to the vet. We call with the prognosis: "Dad", I said. "The eye has to come out; and penny will live another 10 years- shes young for a guinny pig. OR she can take her chances and may or may not live, the eye should fall out on its own in 3 months or so. OR its 31.50 to put her down." Just as Dad answers with "humm, 31.50 sounds good" you hear this screech of terror in the background; - one similar to a mother who has just horrifically lost her child in a tragic accident. I hang up.

Dad calls me back after they have pulled off the road from traveling home, Mom is in the back consoling her poor 7 year old child. "Oh ok he says, if they can pull the eye for a hundred dollars; Ill keep the pig". Now the vet is very kind and is overly humane for animals - it is obvious that his primary concern is to save gods creatures - and he agrees to do the eye removal for a hundred dollars. He says he is going to use this as an opportunity to teach his vet student a thing or two.

As we were leaving all our info for the front desk the receptionists says, "Well you can tell your little sister that she can re-name Penny, "Winkie" " Oh my gosh! Dan and I were laughing so tears came to our eyes!

So now we wait...... They say that because she is so tiny there is a possibility that Penny wont make it off the operating room table. They also tell us that there is a possibility of blindness in her 'good' eye because of swelling and infection; but not to worry because she doesn't have to go far to get food or to use the bathroom -being that she lives in a cage.

Poor Penny! Why do these kind of things have to happen to me when were pig sitting?!!?!??