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Friday, November 7, 2008

So many things i want and never enough money

I love to bake i dream of baking .. and most of my items i dream about involve baking. I'm writing my wish list so that i can remember all the things i dream of and remember where i last left my list (*a list that is always growing!). There shouldn't be too many things left in the baking world that I can dream about -- I have (almost) everything a great baker could dream of. Some of my wish list items are replacements or i just want two! (*Man; I do live in a dream world!) This is in no particular order.

*25-30 Mulit-colored silicon cup cake liners
*Wilton cup cake stand (4 layers tall, holds about 22)
*White glass lemnon juicer
*the list of things from Pampered Chef that i have made
*Digital Kitchen Scale with glass top -- Bed Bath and Beyond
*Kitchen aid Cheese greater attachment
*9 1/2" Tart pan with removable bottom; non stick - Wilton or better brand
*10" Angel food cake pan with removable bottom; non stick - Wilton or better brand
*8 white glass 5oz (or 6oz) Ramekins
*Stone bakeware

***Square Flower dish set from Costco
*Copper colored wine chiller tub- Costco(that im going to use for something different)
*Huge Clock $50 from costco
*3 piece bakeware with black medal frames - costco
*large White Turkey platter - smooth, no Turkey design on the bottom -Costco

*Clock for my bathroom
*More stamps for card making
*Sex and the City Movie & Soundtrack
*Baby Momma Soundtrack
*Sarah McLachlan -- surfacing CD
*Live --Throwing Copper CD