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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here are some pictures of Judge, our new puppy!!

He is 17 and 18 days old in these pictures. We "rescued" him from the idiot that took the puppy's away from its mother too early. At fist we were feeding him every 2 to 3 hours, Now we have figured out that he (and us) prefer to eat more (about 3-4oz) less often.... so with the "new" schedule he eats 6 times a day (every 4 hours)! We have our work cut out for us; but lucky for me being a hairstylist and i make my own hours - I can feed at 5, 9, 1 and dan is home to do the 5, 9, and 1 feedings. We are learning a lot about what it takes to be a puppy mother (both of us). We are always heating up this thing that we put with it to stay warm, feeding it, and teaching him how to go potty. He is learning how to walk, his eyes are still developing, we are hearing the beginnings of his bark- mostly still its a cry, and his side "nurser teeth" have come in. He drinks formula from a bottle, he sleeps most of the day only getting up to play and eat. He has gained about half a pound in 2 days so that fantastic! He is a half and half mix; both pure bread, Old English Bulldog & American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull).

At 16 days old (Thursday) he measured:
just under 3 pounds
neck 8.5 inches
chest 10.5 inches
Length 11.5 inches
Paw 3 inch around.

here is our little baby :) (my new infant lol)