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Friday, January 22, 2010

Justice for Judge

Well, in short; I was torn about confronting my neighbor........ UNTIL i found out that the month before last, Zoey had bitten another dog!!!!!!!!!

That changed my mind. Before i could make myself drop it. I was very emotionally involved and wanted to keep our neighborly friendship. BUT.... Then i found out about the other bite, It was the missing link. The piece to the puzzle.

We teach people how to treat us, and *IF* as a whole, our apartment complex, We tech them (Brandon & Crystal)that there dog can go around biting other dogs AND THAT NO ONE will do anything about it.... then we have done a disservice to the wrold and to them.

They need to be held accountable. As of last night it was not about me, my feelings, my friendships with them... its about what is RIGHT. About teaching them responsibility.

**SO** just now. 30 seconds ago, i was armed with my photos, a copy of the paperwork and bill.... And i said, " we were not intending on having our dog bitten; Looking at this situation as a piece of property, our property has been damaged and we do believe you are responsible for it.... NOW, we understand crap happens; so we are willing to meet YOU halfway *IF* you can not pay the whole bill.

Enough said. I said and did everything i was intending to do from the beginning, i just now had enough logic and reasoning to push me in the right direction.