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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Poor Judge; My baby.....

Judge got bitten by our next door neighbors female dog today. His face is pretty beat up, and his head is in a cone... but he will be alright.

The scoop:
Dan took Judge to the courtyard to go potty. Our neighbor & his dog approached them. While Dan and Brandon were chatting the other dog, Zoey and judge were sniffing each other.

Dan was in a squatting position holding Judges collar. Zoey just bit his face out of no where. Our neighbors and his wife were distraught and yelling/panicking.

Dan took Judge to the animal hospital... when he came home he went to talk to the neighbors.... they didn't offer to pay anything and kept saying "this is just an unfortunate accident!!"; I think they were scared that we were going to report them to Management or to Williamson County.

I filed a report with the police in the animal department but requested no action to be taken. I don't our neighbors or Zoey to be "punished" in any way, I only want them to pay for the medical bills from today. [... Is that too much to ask??] Tomorrow i am going to take some pictures and a copy of the bill over to them. Hopefully they will just pay for it and not complain. They are lucky it is ONLY Two Hundred Dollars. If he had had stitches it would have been more!!

Jude is acting like he has PTSD, but i think he will recover just fine. Our front porch, dan, and the Vet clinic looked like he had been slaughtered - but thats just because facial injuries bleed A LOT!

Here are some pics after all was said and done: He ended up having the gash in his nose that was making him choke on blood cauterized.