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Thursday, November 26, 2009

what i am thankful for....

I am thankful for my dogs! I love them so much and they bring me endless joy into my life!

I am also so thankful for Dan, My sweet groom that married me and saved my life 2.5 years ago.

I would be no where with out my family! All of them. I love them with all my heart!

I am thankful for my job at Mesa Hills Salon. I am truly happy there. I love LOVE love my co workers! Lauri, Angel, Anita, and Elane. They are the best bunch of ladies that i could have asked to be apart of! I am very happy with my career as well, i get endless happienss form my Job! Im thrilled that my clients love me, and I in return love them too!

God, Jesus, & the Holy Ghost. I would be no where and no one with out my belief in them. The church & my belief as a Christian helps keep my life in sync with god, Together, Dan & I can strive to be as one; to complete our journey here on earth to the best of our capabilities.