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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Life is good so far. I think that my wife is wonderful. She just endured two weeks of lying and scheming to throw me a wonderful suprise birthday party. She invited all of my friends and family in the area and then some couples from the ward for us to get to know. I'd like to make note of a few special guests: Stacey, who drove from Houston and let us host the party at her place, and Lindsey and Joseph, who drove from Johnson City just to spend like an hour with me for my birthday.
To thank my wife for throwing me such a nice party I took her out shopping to her favorite shoe store, Bandolino. She pulled out about 6 or 7 different pairs of shoes to try on and finally made her selection of which one was her favorite shoe. The problem. It was an open heeled shoe and she looked at her feet and decided that she had ugly heels. She ran out of the store crying and I followed her out to our car. I calmed her down and told her how pretty her feet are and how beautiful her ankles are. Then, I told her I had to run into another store and buy something for school (a lie!!) and I went and not only purchased the shoe she wanted, but I bought two of them including a very trendy black and white pair that she has worn non-stop for 6 days.

What can I say? I love my wife.