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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November: Our Life, By Merideth

Up coming on four months now I can honestly say that I married the bust guy possible! Dan is so amazing to me and he always says the right things [or at least most of the time]! Married life is going wonderful for us!!! It’s hard to me to manage my time though. I’m always trying to do too much at once. I would love to hang out with my friends again, I think about them often; but whenever I have the chance to or any free time available I only want to be with my hubby Dan!

Most of our days would be considered pretty boring to you; but for us there pretty exciting. Mostly we eat a nice meal together and go outside for walks. I love to bake and cook- so the walks become pretty important!! We enjoy hanging out with Dan's brother Tom. I think Tom enjoys my baking too.... he usually profits from the leftover that we leave for him at his house.

Yesterday Dan was NOT looking forward to completing my mission! Mission: Men’s Wear House I was on a quest and nothing was stopping me! Story: Just before our wedding everyone purchased new suits. Dan and I purchased two of them as well. Well a long story short, the pushy sales guy sold us one that was a size too small- then he had it let out to fit. Well then, I started my usual complaining. I that was embarrassing Dan, but we were not about to pay a Thousand Dollars for suits that I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT AT ALL! Well we settled on the suits and I shut-up for the time being and we paid and went home. (So of course when it came time to pick up the suits, I was not there to throw a royal fit…..)
[Ok jumping into yesterday] For three months now every Sunday Dan puts his suit on and the suit looks horrible on him. Then I roam around the apartment expressing my vast dislike for this thing the pushy sales man sold us. Then Dan becomes upset because “his wife thinks he looks stupid.... etc...” So, yesterday I Drag Dan (reluctantly) in from the parking lot and into the store with suit in hand. I promptly ask for the manager. I explain to her my vast dislike for this suit that we purchased; and before I could continue on my explanation of how much I disliked the pushy sales man George, she already had another suit on order. [WOW] I was surprised at how accommodating she was!! I don’t know if it had anything to do with a quiet store full of people and then this man with his irritate wife came in; or maybe that’s just their store policy. So in the end, I won and no more ‘bad Sunday’s’ All I’m really concerned about it that my husband can finally wear the suit that we bought him almost four months ago.... (one point for me, I win that challenge)

On a different note: I am LOVING my new job! It’s really nice to go to work somewhere you really want to be!!! The verbal response to my move is great from my clients! They love it almost as much as me!! Most of my clients have followed me, I did have a slow week but that was to be expected.

Other than that there’s not a whole bunch going on right now..... but you have my word, you will be updated and I’ll post a lot of pictures!!