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Monday, June 8, 2009

Diet Annie

My mom took us to see Annie on Broadway (here in Austin).

You know how coke and diet coke taste nothing alike??? -Well, this was "Diet Annie"!

Ill have to post pictures when i get them from my mom... It was really a fun night! We even got Annie Tee Shirts. Rachael threw a fit that my mom "LET" Lindsey and I buy one too! but she is only 8 (if you ask her eight and a half!!!) so its ok.

Why was Annie diet???
Miss Hanagen was FAT for one. and instead of being a sloppy drunk she was excessively mean. (blah, that was a bad change in the script!)and she didn't wear lingerie or long pearls.

Annie didnt have curly hair until the last scene.

"Dumb Dog" was removed and Daddy Warbux gave her the dog in the end -- which was retarded since he hated that dog.

and a bunch of little things that dont "really" matter. Like her coat being pink not red... etc... things like that ...

ALL IN ALL it was REALLY FUN being with my mom and my sisters! I had a good night seeing a good play about a little orphan going to live with a billionaire -Just not Annie-.

Thanks for taking us MOM!! I LOVE YOU!!