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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ikea Dash

The other day we got a new fish since our last fish Flint who relaced Flint which replaced the origional flint tragically died.

Our new fish is Dexter. Here he is in his home... only he is actually 'IN' his home at the moment so you cant see him. He is blue with fluttery fins. He is very pretty!

SO we went to IKEA, to buy THIS LAMP:

to go next to our fish tank. It was 8:58 when we pulled up and RAN to the door. The man inside says "ummm you do know its 8:59!??!?" I said YES but we are only grabbing one item SUPER FAST (sort of true, sort of a lie). So i grab Dan by the hand and we race through IKEA (which by the way is much, much, MUCH, longer than we thought it was... so we run to the lamps. I see the one i want... THERE ARE NONE LEFT!!! UGG what am i going to do??

WELL Ill tell you what i did... Being ME (and if you know me well this wont surprise you in the least) I stuck my hand in between the holes on the display shelves, un plugged it and pulled the cord out from under the plastic clips that were nailed into the shelve; holding the cord down. he heh

It had the WRONG lamp shade on it so... in a hurry I unscrew the like fifteen dollar halogen forever lasting bulb- fumble it out of my hands like a bad play, and it SHATTERS on the floor. The worker on the isle over didnt look - i grab Dan and we RUN!

At the checkout i get an employee, she comes over and i say "um this lamp doesnt have a price tag on it" Looking at the large plastic hanging tags (that are on all display items at ikea) she [really annoyed] says "um... that because this is the DISPLAY!!" so i say, "well can i buy it, its the last one...well can i?? can i?? Its the only one left".

(I swear-- Ive never seen anyone so annoyed!! Its not like i unplugged it and ripped it off the shelve or anything!?!! she acts as if I even broke the bulb that was in it too.. some people are so rude!!) lol

So she SUPER ANNOYED cuts the tags off and rings it up. All at 9:15, im sure she just wanted us to leave!

But i got my LAMP!!